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Pitkin Short Term Rental Committee - Public Input Notice

The Pitkin Short Term Rental Committee is accepting input from the public on regulations/guidelines that you believe this committee should consider in its recommendations to Pitkin's Zoning Board of Adjustments, regarding short term rentals. 

Submit your comments and concerns via email to Also, please include your name and relationship to Pitkin (property owner, renter, yearly visitor, etc). 

To insure that your comments have the necessary time to be properly reviewed, the committee must receive them on or before 5:00PM, May 28th, 2015. Please understand that this committee will not be held responsible for any comments or concerns that, for any reason, do not reach us before the deadline has passed.



Pitkin Short Term Rental Committee Meeting Notice
Time: May 22nd, 2015 at 4:00PM
Location: Newcomb Community Center
The Pitkin Short Term Rental Committee will be having a public meeting on May 22nd at the Newcomb Community Center to work towards recommendations and possible regulations in relation to short term rentals in Pitkin. 



The Town of Pitkin
Ordinance 1, Series 2015
An Ordinance of the Town of Pitkin, amending the Zoning Ordinance of 2012 of the Town of Pitkin, Colorado. This issue is to be voted on at the Pitkin Town Meeting on the 12th day of May, 2015. Published by Short Title. For complete copy contact the Town Clerk at (970) 641-2593.

Town of Pitkin Information


Mayor:  Steve Pinkston 
Mayor Protem: 
Suzy Metzler

Clerk/Treasurer: Nancy A. Duetsch

Town Clerk/Treasurer pro tem:  Juliet Serrato

Attorney: James McDonald



  Suzy Metzler
Cyndi Wick
Matt Buchanan
Rand Makowski
Shawn Cleveland
James Sharpton



  Building Inspector – Rand Makowski
Assistant Building Inspector – tbd
Ditches/Water – Matt Buchanan
Town Hall – Juliet Serrato
Cemetery – Contact the Town Clerk
Zoning Board – Phil Duetsch, Dave Hoskins, James Sharpton, Brad Wick, Ramon Reed
Environmental Health: Suzy Metzler
Fire Department Liaison: Rand Makowski
Parks & Recreation: Alicia Archuleta
Streets: Lisa Stonequist
Nuisance Enforcement: Steve Pinkston


Fire Department Officers:

  Fire Chief: Rand Makowski
Assistant Fire Chief: John Wise
EMS Coordinator: James Sharpton
Secretary/Treasurer: Gwen Mataisz
Training Officers: Steve Pinkston, James Sharpton

Town documents presented on this website are for reference only.  Every effort is made for them to be accurate.  Official copies of Town documents must be requested from the Town Clerk and charges may apply.
The Town of Pitkin is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Service Provider.