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Pitkin Historical and Community Association is the local organization that has as its mission the perpetuation of Pitkin History as well as community activities that enhance the enjoyment of those who call this pine-surrounded community their home, summer home or vacation spot.

PHCA activities include a monthly potluck-business meeting that brings together the community and conducts the business of the organization. The summer meetings generally do the preparation work for the annual Pitkin Day. This annual day of remembrance of times past, renewal of friendships and playful times for all is centered around a huge potluck dinner generally supplemented by the PHCA supplying the meat dish. All the Quartz Creek Valley folks come together as well as friends and family who are visiting.

2015-2016 Officers:
  • Garry Winget, President

  • Ron Blue - Treasurer

  • Jim Milton - Secretary

  • Kandy Nasso - V.P. for Newcomb Community Center

  • Loma Frazier - V.P. for social activies

  • Marie Rossmiller - V.P. for Historical/Museum

  • Gale Richardson - T-Shirt Chairman

The newly refurbished Pitkin Schoolhouse / Museum on the main street has been the recipient of many artifacts related to Pitkin's history. It has a very hands-on approach as you can read the old newspapers, type on an old typewriter, and "try on" the old seats used in the school house. The Pitkin Historical and Community Association's members annually clean the school house and the museum, and with volunteers, attempt to keep the museum open to the public most days of the summer. There is no charge to visit the museum.

The school house playground provides swings, a slide built in 1929, merry-go-round, teeter-totters as well as a nice climbing framework for the children in the area.

A major addition to the Museum was to move two of the town's original buildings to the school house grounds. The building on the right is said to be an old town hall, and the building on the left was an old home donated by Charlie Goldberg. Patti Barr has utilized many historical pieces of furniture in the old home cabin and it is completed for the public's viewing.

A recent addition in the PHCA community is associated with a gift by Gale Richardson in memory of her parents, for the building of the Newcomb Community Center.  With the donations of interested persons adding to the gift, the building and its facilities are completed and ready for use. This new building in conjunction with the outside pavilion gives Pitkin spaces for family reunions, area meetings, celebrations and other activities that need space and cover in case of inclement weather.

The annual Pitkin Day celebration is always on the last Saturday in July.  The events usually follow this schedule:

  • 8:00am - the 2 or 5 mile Fun Run
  • 9:00am - Children's Fishing Contest,
  • 10:30am - Basketball Free Throw Contest,
  • 11:00 - Horseshoe Game, Watermelon
    Seed Spitting, and Plunger Toss Contests.
  • 12 Noon - lunch

Then following the meal is the Raffle Drawing, then the Wet Balloon Toss & Egg Toss, Tug-O-War, and announcements of all the contest winners. And lastly ice cream for all the crowd. Don't forget the Melodrama at 7:00pm at the Old Pitkin Town Hall!

The traditional melodrama is performed Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings of the Pitkin Day weekend in the historical Town Hall. Local thespians enjoy acting the roles of the beautiful heroine, hero, and other lusty and rusty characters. 
The crowd gets into the act with their booing and throwing popcorn at the villain, oohing, ahhing, and letting the actors know they are enjoying the evening.

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