ATV and 4WD

Pitkin Backroads

  • Depler Park Loop/ Depler Park Waunita Pass Loop
  • Cumberland Road / Halls Gulch Loop
  • Halls / Jackson / Sawmill Loop
  • Hancock / St. Elmo / Tin Cup Loop
  • Pitkin / Waunita Pass Loop
  • Pitkin Ohio City Loop
  • Pitkin / Waunita / Hot Springs / White Pine Loop

All of the above rides begin in Pitkin. See Pitkin Backroads for exact directions and coordinates..

Cumberland Pass

Cumberland Pass is a gorgeous 18-mile road between Pitkin and Tin Cup. While a very popular ATV road, it's easily navigated by most vehicles.
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Tin Cup

Tincup, connected to Pitkin by Cumberland Pass, is photogenic, pastoral, and the kind of place that is fun to find. Visit Frenchy's for Lunch, the TinCup Store, the historic cemeteries, and Mirror Lake.
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Alpine Tunnel

Alpine Tunnel is a favorite adventure. Fabulous on a four-wheeler, but doable in most vehicles (exclude campers, etc.) Breathtaking scenery any season, and the Palisades are incomparable.
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MT Antero

Full day ride that begins in Pitkin, follows Alpine Tunnel road thru Hancock Pass, thru St. Elmo.


A moderate 4WD mountain pass. Approaching from the Pitkin side, take the Alpine Tunnel road up 7 miles. After you pass Sherrod sign, you'll see the Hancock Pass sign to the right. 4WD only. Rocky, steep.

ST. Elmo

Follow directions to Hancock Pass. Continue pass Hancock Pass to the town of St. Elmo. Distance:

Waunita Pass

Leave the Pitkin via River Street, follow the Waunita Pass road to the summit. Beautiful overlook with new pines half way to the top, overlooking town of Pitkin. Several other trails at summit.

Cross Mountain

Cross Mountain is a rare gym climbing from the valley floor of Union Park up to a beautiful 360 degree view. 4wd is recommended for this moderate trail.

Marshall Pass

An easy scenic road, this route is unpaved but wide and well graded. It is suitable for standard vehicles as well as ATVs.
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Iron Chest Trail

This trail is one of the more challenging trails in the area. The boulder field at the beginning of the trail is challenging, even for well equipped 4x4 vehicles. However, this trail will take you to beautiful views and amazing old mining remains. If you want a challenge with a reward at the end, this is it!

Cement Creek / Reno Divide

This trail starts off as a graded, easy road. As it climbs, it get's rougher and eventually 4wd is recommended to climb to the top near Mt. Tilton. Probably one of the best views can be found at the top of this trail, highly recommended!

American Flag Mountain

American Flag Mountain is a rocky, moderately difficult trail that will take you up to one of the most breathtaking views in the area. 4wd only.

Old Monarch Pass

Old Monarch Pass is a good, scenic trail with some rough sections that will take you to the top of Monarch Pass.

Stay The Trail

Excellent ATV organization, and this link will display many more 4WD riding opportunities in Pitkin. The beauty of Colorado's public lands something to be treasured and enjoyed responsibly. Responsible use includes protecting the natural resources, sharing the trails with other users, and riding safely and in control.
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