Silver Islet Mine

(text and photos by Glen Kirkendall)
  • 38.37.264N
  • 106.32.98W
  • 10,626’ elevation
  • 2.05 miles from the trailhead

The Silver Islet Mine is possibly the most intact remaining structural artifact of mining history in the Pitkin Area. The large main log building was a silver ore processing plant. There are a couple of other much smaller buildings. The first building you see was probably used for storage of mining equipment and explosives. The second building was probably used as a bunk house. The smaller buildings are in ruin, but there remains some evidence of their former uses. Visiting the Silver Islet will provide an unforgettable experience. Remember to take a camera if you like pictures. Snacks or lunch might very well be enjoyed, too.SilverIslet_TEXT_IMG

  • Take the Quartz Creek Properties road that is one fourth mile below Pitkin on County Road 76. 38.37.190N 106.32.459W Travel 1.8 miles to Maggie Road. Park your vehicle in a position that does not obstruct traffic.
  • Hike up Maggie Road and continue past the cabin on the two-wheel trail that is available.
  • The trail will slowly swing to the right and you will see the ruins of a small log building at a “Y” intersection. Hike up the trail that is to the right and goes upward.
  • Continue on this trail. Do NOT take the first trail that moves to the right. Keep hiking until you come to the second trail that turns to the right. 38.37.155N 106.33.212W. This will take you to the mine.
  • You will see the first small log building and that is the beginning of the Silver Islet Mine complex. The large log Mine structure is visible a short distance ahead. The view is open to the south, and it is beautiful!
  • The large open pit is above the mine building. Caution is encouraged…
  • Above the first pit, you can see there is a smaller digging. A short distance south from there visitors can see ruins of the cabin where the mine workers bunked.
  • Places can be found where the town of Pitkin is partly visible from the area you are visiting.