Upper Lamphier Lake Hike

(text and photos by Glen Kirkendall)
  • 38.6775 N.
  • 106.5987 E.
  • 11,720’ elevation
  • lamphierleadTravel to Ohio City on Colorado 76, and take the Gold Creek road, Colorado Road 771.
  • Follow 771 seven miles north to the Gold Creek Campground. Gold Creek Campground is: 38.6547 N., and 106.5745 E.; 7 miles north of Ohio City on Road 771. 10,030’ elevation.
  • Park in an obvious place if you are in a vehicle with low clearance, or continue driving in higher clearance vehicles if you desire.
  • Walk or drive from there—it’s your choice. I used the wooden bridge in 2012.
  • Continue until you see the Lamphier Lake Trailhead marker. Parking is available.
  • Begin the hike to Upper Lamphier Lake.
  • Sign in at the metal box if you desire.
  • Hikers will have a couple of water crossings to navigate.

The hike is steep in places so pace yourself. The lake is 2.77 miles from the parking area. Fossil ridge is behind the lake and rises to 12,749′ elevation. Upper Lamphier is at 11,723′ elevation on my GPS. Take plenty of water and some snacks. Insect repellant and sun screen are nice in season. Fishing is unpredictable, but fish can sometimes be caught.

Upper Lamphier Lake Hike Photos
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