Sherrod Loop Hike

(text and photos by Glen Kirkendall)
  • 38.37.467N
  • 106.28.586W
  • Elevation
  • Gain: 36′
  • sherrod_leadBegin your trip by traveling to Road 839 which is also Alpine Tunnel road. It is recommended that you read about the Alpine Tunnel on a recently completed sign just below Road 839. GPS coordinates at the sign are: 38.37.467N and 106.28.586W.
  • Be mindful that ATVs and motorcycles travel at higher rates of speed than passenger vehicles—watch especially for oncoming traffic at the corners.
  • The distance from the sign to the Sherrod Loop is 7.57 miles. GPS coordinates at the Sherrod Loop sign are: 38.36.842N and 106.23.454W. Park in the area so that traffic will not be impeded.
  • The Sherrod Loop information sign is well worth reading before you begin the hike. Begin hiking where you see the railroad grade and iron track. Follow the grade for .17 mile to a water crossing. All that remains of the train crossing is the foundation rocks. It may or may not be possible to cross the water when you visit. The choice is yours to make! If the water is too deep at the crossing you can return on the same grade to the point at which the hike began.
  • Hike up the hill a short distance and veer to the right when you reach the top. Follow the grade .18 miles and you will see the water crossing you found earlier. You will now have hiked the Sherrod Loop! Return to your vehicle or explore the area if you desire.

This little hike is often ignored but is interesting and doesn’t take much time. It helps one to understand more about the engineering that was necessary for making the train trip to and from the Alpine Tunnel.

The Silver Plume Store in Pitkin is 10 miles from this location. Continue on the main road if you desire to visit the Alpine Tunnel complex.